Talos Fleet Management

Talos is Jamf-as-a-Service, providing enterprise-grade whole fleet device management to automate your company’s Apple provisioning, security settings, and patch management.

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Your Macs, Managed.

Our team's Apple device management expertise, available immediately to your organization.
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We have decades of experience managing Macs in the Enterprise, from fifty to fifty thousand devices, we’ve seen it all. This experience has been poured into the creation, management and day to day support of Talos.

Immediate Benefit

Getting your in-house Jamf up and running takes time – not with Talos. Talos takes the power and versatility of Jamf Pro, and implements it to the fullest level possible, right from the start.

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Security Compliance

How you manage the security of your data and the devices it resides on is absolutely critical. All of our internal systems and procedures are implemented with security in mind. We give you peace mind as you navigate increasing compliance needs.

Advanced Automation

We eliminate repetitive, monotonous tasks like machine imaging and software packaging by replacing manual processes with scripts and outside-the-box automation to create a consistent user experience.

Team Support

When managing your own Jamf, you rely on a staff member to maintain your Jamf. With Talos, your employees can work on growing your business, gaining a service supported by a team that has been working together for over a decade on Jamf.

Constant Improvement

All Talos clients benefit from its large and diverse user-base. Requests for new apps and features always come in from clients. Once built we apply these changes to all clients where relevant. Support for one benefits all.

Plans & Pricing

All your Apple IT needs, just choose your option below.


$30 /month
Device Management (MDM)
Inventory Collection
Patching & Settings Management
Remote Lock & Wiping
“Beyond the Box” Scripting

Talos Plus*

$80 /month
Features of Talos
Reactive Help Desk
Web Portal & Email
Live Phone Support
* offered in partnership with MTS Pro Services

Talos Unlimited*

$120 /month
Features of Talos Plus
IT Strategy & Planning
Proactive Monitoring
Onboarding & Offboarding
* offered in partnership with MTS Pro Services
We support macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS, as well as production environments. To discuss further, please contact us.

Awesome People Saying Awesome Things… about us.

“In a word: phenomenal. Talos not only helped us cut costs and streamline our technology operations, but the team behind it is made up of some of the brightest and most experienced professionals we’ve ever worked with. They were always there to answer our questions, offer guidance, and provide the support that only comes from decades of experience.”

Nichele Dudley
IT Executive, 72andSunny

“When weighing our options to run Jamf in-house or to use Talos, we ultimately decided it would be more cost effective and our environment better managed if we went with Talos. Their team collectively has much more Jamf experience than anyone we could hire at a fraction of the cost. It also allowed us to off-load this time consuming function, giving our relatively small IT team more time to focus on delivering great service. For anyone considering Jamf as a service, I highly recommend Talos, they have been a reliable partner for many years.”

Dana Dixon
IT Director, Leafly

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